Review of The New Balance Men’s Walking Shoes MW928

The ‘Walking Shoe’ label of the New Balance Men’s MW928 shouldn’t be mistaken for giving specific use. They are multipurpose and definitely the best walking shoes for men with huge application in our daily routine. The Walking Shoe label emphasizes the fact that the shoes are ideal for daily use by giving your feet utmost comfort by putting no stress on them at all.





New Balance Men’s Walking Shoes MW928
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New balance has never compromised on the quality, looks and ease of use along with the quality and longevity of their products. This one is also reasonably priced and offers quality walking experience.

New Balance Men’s MW928 comes with a well-designed and rugged overall look while giving a comfy rest to the feet for an easy walk. To give an excellent overall look, the shoes has been given a design that makes it perfect for casual use, and due to its comfortable interior, it is best for a regular walk.

A Look at Its Features:


The New Balance shoes are ideally suitable for the athletes to achieve their athletic goals with comfort and style. The brand is prevailing in the footwear industry for more than a century and that too without any celebrity endorsements. The MW928 shoes have an enhanced ROLLBAR backed with its ENERGY technology for giving you the optimum responsive ride. Its leather material with rubber sole provides enough cushioning for the wearer to perfectly support his feet while walking or running.

  1. Leather material.
  2. Rubber sole
  3. Stabilizing ROLLBAR technology used for the manufacturing of the shoes.
  4. The outer sole is specially designed to suit comfortable walking for men.
  5. Weight: 468grams.

The materials that are used in the making of the shoe are of imported quality. You can be sure of having a high-quality shoe that is made of imported materials and ensures to be based on international standards of quality.

It has a leather upper made of high-quality leather with complementary patches of mesh fabric and cushioning at the back, New Balance logo on the medial side and lace up vamp for a perfect fit and easily put on capability. In addition to the leather materials, the shoe has mesh lining fabric and synthetic rubber sole as well.

Type and Usage

The shoe is purely a walking shoe. It provides a comfortable foot accommodation to make sure you will feel easy while wearing and walking. So, it best for regular walkers and athletes who need a reliable and stable foot support throughout the distance they walk.

The Interior
  • The interior is well designed to make sure your foot arches and mounts stay balanced and comfortable and will have no pressure on the foot muscles. There is a specially designed Roll Bar technology introduced in the shoe to give the interior a specific lift to keep the foot in an easy mode and help in transitioning the foot position while walking.

The ABZORB Support for Lesser Fatigue

  • The ABZORB cushioning in the midfoot region helps in absorbing the shock and pressure that may affect the foot and cause fatigue in the muscles. In this way, your feet stay easy and is not affected by such forces and let you walk for miles after miles.

Heavy Cushioning

  • The collar, the back, and the whole interior are properly cushioned to give enough comfort and support to the foot so that it never slips or turns and the foot stays embedded in the shoe.

The Outsole

  • The outsole is made of synthetic rubber that gives a stable support to the feet through its well-designed surface that keeps the foot in place while walking on any kind of surface, whether it's rough surface or a slippery place.

Fit and Easy Put on Feature

  • Due to the fact it has lace up vamp, the shoe comes as an easy to put on accessory for those who cannot take up the efforts of wearing a shoe which have lesser space to put in the foot. You can open the shoe wide open to get your foot easily and adjust the room with the help of the laces so that it fits perfectly.


  • Imported, export quality
  • Leather material
  • Easy to put on and lace-up vamp feature
  • Stable sole
  • Easy foot transitioning through Roll Bar technology
  • ABZORB shock resistant padding
  • Available in 3 colors


  • Some benefits you’ll enjoy
  • Easy to use
  • The shoe is very easy to use when you put it on and walk with it. You can easily adjust the shoe with the help of the laces, and the shoe will fit according to your foot size.


  • Some people say that the shoe may not last for a long time due to some issues with the leather materials, but it’s a great substitute for your money.

Comfortable and Supportive

  • The shoe has a supportive structure complimented by the Roll Bar feature that enables you to have a comfortable walk without getting fatigued or developing pressure points.

Highly Stable

  • The insole and the outsole are well structured to give enough support to the arching points and keep the foot in its best posture so that you stay stable and easy while walking.

Shock Proof and Sweat Free

  • Due to the presence of ABZORB cushioning the shoe provides an easy walk through shock absorption and keeping the pressure level at the least. The odor resistant liner makes it sure that you don’t develop sweat odors and your foot will stay fresh and well ventilated.
Customer Feedback:

The customers have given it an average of 4.5 stars rating on the basis of the features and their experiences that ensure the reliability and appropriateness of the products for regular walking persons.Well, we can say that this shoe is definitely a great choice for those who need supportive and comfortable shoes that give an easy walk and can help them walk comfortably for as long as they need.


The best walking shoes for men should have got comfort well above everything else. Comfort is always the prime concern of New Balance manufacturer and they have always lived up to their expectations and standards.

The MW928 shoe is nothing short of excellence as far as comfort is concerned. It uses the ROLLBAR and ENERGY technology to ensure a comfortable feeling of the feet. The walking strike outsole is specifically designed for men to give them the opportunity of always having a comfortable walk.


The MW928 shoes are available in black color only which is a good thing because it will suit any color of the dress you are wearing. The New Balance manufacturer aims at designing the shoes which could be used by a large number of people. It is for this reason that the MW928 shoes are preferred by men of all ages due to its style and trendy looks and are best walking shoes for me.

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