Nine Useful Tips For Buying Mens Slip On Walking Shoes

What men’s slip-on walking shoes is one of the most hassle-free foot-wears. They are in galore both in the online websites as well as in the footwear stores and choosing the best one is not easy. You need to consider some factors while buying these shoes. You need to know the right way to picking up the one that will serve your needs, irrespective of your age.

So let us move on to the process of selecting men’s slip-on walking shoe that will be the perfect one for you:

Process Involved in Buying Men’s Slip-on Walking Shoes

1. There Must Be an Adequate Support

The men’s slip-on walking shoes that you choose must be able to provide the necessary support to you. A shoe with the sufficient arch support will reduce the stress on your legs as you walk wearing them and will also feel comfortable on your feet.

The arch length of the shoe is the length measured from the heel to the balls, and this is as important as the full length. Many people make the mistake of choosing shoes on the basis of the total length. But it should be kept in mind that there is a significant difference between shoes for long-toed men and that of Short-toed men.

There should be an adequate flex at the ball of the foot, and there must be sufficient space so that the toes are confined. Confinement of toes may lead to pain at the corners and hinder the free movement of the legs.

To identify the type of your foot arch, you will have to undergo a test where your footprints will be taken.

There are basically three different types of foot arches:

  • High Arch: If you do not find any contact between the toes and heels in your footprint, it will be considered as a case of a high arch.
  • Medium Arch: In this type of an arch, about half of the arch will be filled. You will find a portion to establish a contact between the toes and the heel.
  • Low Arch: Here the entire arch of the footprint is filled in.

2. The Shoe Must Be a Proper Fit

It is important for mens to slip on walking shoes to be a proper fit so that your feet stuck inside it. It has to be remembered that a proper fit here means a size where there will be a gap of about half an inch between the toes and the sole of the shoe. This measurement can be done by wearing a shoe and pressing it from outside.

The Shoe Must Be a Proper Fit

We would like to share a small tip with respect to the trial of shoes– Wear socks before you go to the footwear store and try the shoes on. This will help you to get the right measurement. Otherwise, you will end up buying a tight-fitting shoe that will not serve your purpose.

3. The Weight

The shoes must be light-weight and should be suitable for you to run or participate in the fitness activities like treadmill and jogging. If they are heavy, you will not be able to perform your activities at ease and will feel uncomfortable. In fact, the USP of men’s slip on walking shoes lies in their light-weight and easy-to-carry structure. You should check whether they are supportive of the lateral cuts and sideways motion.


4. Padding

Padding of a walking shoe is less important than that of a running shoe. The feet are not exposed to too much of pressure, and hence too much of padding is not required. Still, you would need some amount of padding to support the feet.

5. Additional Features

You also need to look for a few additional features while choosing a men’s slip-on walking shoe. For example, it would be great if you can have waterproof walking shoes. However, if you are living in a place where the climatic conditions are such that you need more breathable shoes, a lesser padding will be required.

6. Carry on With The Fit Tests

There are a few fit tests which you must perform before buying the shoes. The first of them involves walking down an inclined surface. This is definitely required since you may have to implement this in your day-to-day life while wearing the shoes.

Also, try to use them while walking down the stairs. If you find it to fit your feet perfectly and observe that you can walk freely while wearing them, then only can you make the final decision of buying it.

Do not forget to walk across the normal hard surfaces wearing the men’s slip-on walking shoes.

7. Material of The Sole

The material used for making the sole is another important factor for buying a pair of men’s slip-on walking shoe. It can be made using different varieties of leathers, animal skins or ostrich skins.

8. Shop for Shoes During the Afternoon

The shopping for men’s slip-on walking shoes must be done in the afternoon since the feet are believed to remain at their largest during this time.

9. Consider the Price

The price of men’s slip on walking shoes is another important factor to consider for the shoe to be bought. It has to be mentioned in this respect that buying shoes in the lower price range will not do. You may end up buying cheap quality shoes. Trying to find walking shoes within your budget is fine. But you should not try to limit your choice to the ones of a lower price range.

All these points should be remembered while buying mens slip on walking shoes. Remember that the shoe you buy will be used on a regular basis and has to properly sized and shaped in order to feel comfortable as well as to serve your purpose.

Please feel free to leave back your feelings in the comments section.

Keep all these in mind while buying mens slip on walking shoes and have a great time shopping!

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