How Much Walking To Lose A Pound?

There is a question in everyone’s mind that how much we walk to lose a pound? This challenge can be completed in a day or week or month. Patients suffering from obesity needs to control their body weight and burn calories to reduce weight and say goodbye to excess fats.

how much we walk to lose a pound


If you want to lose one pound of fat then, you must burn 3000-3500 calories depending on your body weight. If you walk continuously for 30 minutes you might lose 90-360 calories. Losing 3500 calories each week from the total caloric intake helps in losing 1 pound of fat from the body.

Doctors prescribe walking for patients who want to lose weight and improve their body fitness. Walking has many benefits which not only helps in reducing weight, but also strengthen the muscles. There are few steps which you need to follow to burn your fat and lose one or more pound through walking.

  • Step 1: Intake of calories should be proper so that you know how much calorie you need more and how much you have to reduce. Drawing a baseline for calories helps to draw a weight loss plan. You can calculate the calorie intake, gender wise to know how much weight and calorie you need to maintain daily. You need to keep a track of how much calories you need to burn per hour by walking. This can be done using a fitness calculator like The Daily Plate. You can lose one pound in a few hours by walking approximately 10 hours a day. This calculation is done for a person weighing 200 pounds. To calculate the number of hours you need to divide the number of calories to burn by the hours you walk per day.
  • Step 2: Depending on your weight or height, you should consume calories accordingly. A person with average height and weight should consume 1200 to 1500 calories. Cut down the calorie content in your diet. You should consume food which has low calorie content and high nutritional value. This gives you strength and required nutrients to do the work. You can eat at intervals or in small parts to minimize the consumption of calories. Eat lots of green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, green beans, celery, etc. and proteins like fish, tofu, chicken, etc. you should not consume soda, sugar, fat, etc. as this might not help you to lose weight. Salad dressing should contain pepper, vinegar, lime or hot sauce. Don’t use salad dressings as it adds extra calories to your food. While cooking, use of butter or oil should not be used, instead use cooking spray.

How much walking to lose a pound?

  • Step 3: Keep a journal of what have you consumed and its calorie content to keep a check if you have eaten excess of calories. In the journal do calculate, how much calorie you have consumed and how much you have burnt through walking. This can be fun if you use food tracking services online to make your work or calculation easy.
  • Step 4: You can also start exercising, as you need to lose one pound in a day, only walking won’t help that much you also need to do aerobics exercise a bit. You can try bikingboxingrugbyrock climbingsquashswimming, cross country skiing and running to lose weight.
  • Step 5: when you are walking alone just to lose weight it might make you lazy. When you are in a company of people where the motto is to stay fit and healthy then it will motivate you to walk or exercise or join them so that you can lose weight as well as meet new people and make new friends. Sometimes, you might lack motivation and then the fitness community you joined will support you and will lift up your energy.

How much walking to lose a pound?


  • Step 6: One of the most important health tips is to drink lots of water as it acts a substitute for other energy drink and also keeps the stomach full. We should drink 12-15 cups of water daily. To make water interesting to drink, you can add cucumber, lime or lemon. You can also drink green tea as it suppresses the appetite thereby boosting metabolism.
  • Step 7: You should not have dinner just before going to bed, as the body needs time to digest what you eat at night. You should eat properly so that you don’t wake up in the middle of the night to eat.

Walking should be incorporated into your daily life as it helps you to stay healthy and burn some calories. It might be a bit boring and monotonous part, but it can be made interesting if you enter some health and fitness community or a company to walk with. You can walk with headphones in your ears or with friends with your gossips. It’s not necessary that women only need a company for walking it can be men also who need a walking companion with them. You should know when to cut down on your food. Even if you eat a lot break it into 5 parts. This will help you to digest faster and burn some calories before you eat again.

Nowadays, even kids are suffering from fitness and obesity problem it is due to the pressure excreted on them by school and parents. Enroll your kids in co-curricular activities which will be beneficial in keeping them active. Kids or parents should not sleep late night as this will make them feel hungry.

How much to walk to lose a pound? The answer to this question is straight and simple. You have to walk according to your height and weight after the calculation of calories to be burned. With walking you can also try walking up and down on the stairs.

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