A Guide To Buy The Right Walking Shoes For Men

Wearing the right pair of shoes is imperative as people can get support in walking and running on the footpath. There is no pair of shoe that suits great with every walker. The best pair of shoe for a person is the one that suits him or her best. This means the shoes should give him or her proper flexibility, comfort, cushioning, support and compensates for stride problems that he or she has.

Here is a guide for men to find the right pair of walking shoe. Feet of every person in the world are different. So, people have to get help from a shoe fitting specialist in finding the right pair of shoe suiting their walking distance, style, speed, surface, weight as well as stride problems. 

People have to be careful in making their choice as there are running shoes available in the market. They have to keep in mind that manufacturers use the best technology and design into the running shoes whereas walking shoes are designed for market appeal.

Important Qualities of A Pair of Walking Shoe

Here are some essential qualities of walking shoes buyers should consider before they buy one.

  • Flexible: Wearer must find easy to bend as well as twist the shoes. This is very important as the feet of the wearer will flex as he rolls through steps from his heel to toe when taking walking steps. If the shoes are stiff, the wearer will find his foot fighting the shoe with each step. This can result in shin splintsnumb toes, and other issues.
  • Avoid Big Flared Heel: Usually, the walkers strike the ground with their heel first. So, people should not need a high flared heel. Experts suggest people prefer a slight undercut heel than high flared heel. People can find flared heels on the running shoes providing extra stability. This type of heel is good for runners who need stabilization. People probably need trail shoes with flared heel for walking on surfaces that are not even.
  • Flat Heel: Walking shoes must have a flat heel, even though you may not find it from the outside view of the shoes. Inside the shoes, they may have a high or low drop between the toe and heel. Men are advised to choose a pair of walking shoe with a heel fall less than 8mm. Even they can find shoes with zero heel drop.

Types of Walking Shoes

Properly fitted shoes leave space for the foot at the toe to expand as the wearer walks. Here are the types of walking shoes for men and women.

  • Motion Control Shoes: These shoes are the rigid ones as they are designed inflexible to limit overpronation. MC boots are wet as well as durable. Most of them are built upon the straight last and contain dual density midsole. This means the denser material is used inside the foot for correcting pronation. This type of shoe is ideal for heavier people and over pronators.
  • Stability Shoes: These shoes are a concession type of footwear. Stability shoes are highly flexible when compared with MC shoe as they are capable of providing enough durability and support. Often these shoes are built upon the semi-curved last with dual density midsole. This type of shoe is ideal for individuals who are midweight people and who do not suffer from motion control problems.
  • Lightweight Performance Shoes: People who do are the fee from pronation problems have neutral feet. Lightweight performance training shoes are flexible to these people and help them achieve the performance and speed they want. This type of shoe may lack cushioning for heavier or longer walks.
  • Cushioned Shoes: These shoes have the flexible and soft midsoles. Usually, these shoes are built to the curved or semi-curved last. People who need extra support and who do not overpronate can choose this type of shoe.
  • Race Walker Shoes: This type of shoe has minimal cushioning, durability and stability. This means these shoes are very light, flexible and do not have a high heel.
  • People should not let their shoes slow them down when they like to walk fast. It is the right time to buy a good pair of shoe that will help their feet roll through their stride.

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