Can You Remove Gum From Shoe Easily?

Even though you walk on the road very carefully, you cannot avoid the gum that will be glued to your shoes. There are various locations where the probability of coming in contact with the gum is high. These are sidewalks, parking lots and playgrounds.

 You should explore few effective ideas so that you can tackle the menace very easily. The advice offered by experts will help you in this direction. There are several methods to remove the gum. The most appropriate method should be chosen as per the availably of time and materials.

The gum on your shoe should not spoil your mood as you can go through effective steps to eliminate them. Most of the gum collected on your shoes can be picked up by using a knife. The part of gum that is not touching the shoe should be removed in a very efficient manner. There are various lighter fluids which can be applied to remove the gum. Nail polish remover, knife, and paint thinner can be used in this direction so that the gum will be removed very effectively. You can also apply paint thinner to remove the gum.

A bit of paint thinner can be poured onto the cotton pad and it can be rubbed on the affected area so that the gum will be removed very easily. If there is more gum in the grooves of the shoe, you can use a toothbrush so the reminder of the gum will be picked up. On the other hand, you can freeze the gum by applying the ice. As the gum hardens, it is possible to remove the gum very easily. The method that appeals you most should be selected so that the gum can be eliminated without any issues.

Why Should You Remove Gum?

The gum should be removed as soon as you trace it. If you fail to remove the gum, it will spread further. It is likely to spoil your floor space in your car, home and yard. There will be certain discomfort while walking as well. The gum can stick to your wardrobe as well. When the gum is placed on shoes or floor, it will be attracted by insects as well. You will not want to keep your shoes in unhygienic condition. Hence, immediate steps should be taken to eliminate the gum from your shoes.

Steps To Eliminate The Gum

You can choose one or more methods to eliminate the gum affixed to your shoes. You should have sufficient time to perform the task.

Place The Shoe In An Ice Bag

To perform the task, you are not required to be at home. If you can manage a plastic bag and some ice cubes, you will be able to place the shoe inside the bag and the gum will be hardened. If you can use a food storage bag which can be zipped and closed, the ice will not melt quickly and there will be long-lasting results. The ice should be pressed until the gum is frozen. By using a dull knife or butter knife, you can remove the gum from shoes.

Apply Spray To Remove Gum

If you are in possession of the spray, it can be used to remove the gum. You can also purchase a spray to perform the task. WD-40 or relevant lubricant can be used in this direction so that the gum will be removed in the best possible way. A paper towel or rag should be used to wipe off the gum. You should allow the spray for at least one minute on the gum before wiping it off. To wipe the gum for the second time, you should choose another clean cloth. If additional residue is left, the steps should be repeated.

Apply Peanut Butter

As you apply the spray to remove the stains, you can also apply the peanut butter to remove the gum from shoes. By using a butter knife, you should rub the globe of the peanut butter on the gum. The gum will become soft after 10 or 15 minutes. When the gum becomes soft, you should scrape off in a gentle way. You should also remove the rest of the gum stain by using the soap solution. Thus, the peanut butter will deliver magical results.

Rub The Ice Cube

By rubbing the ice cube for 10 to 20 minutes on top of the gum, you will make it soft and the gum can be removed in an effortless manner. The gum should be peeled off from shoes in a gentle way so that the core structure will not be disturbed. If you are unable to remove the gum, you can take the help of experts so that the gum will be eliminated quickly and you can wear it on regular basis.

Freezer Option

The freezer option should be used when the pair of shoes are not expensive. You should stick the plastic bag to the shoes and the gum should be pressed very tightly with the plastic bag. You should let the gum harden for about an hour. After removing from the freezer, you should be able to peel off the gum very easily. By using toothpick or butter knife, the remnant can be removed. The shoe should be washed and rinsed with the detergent and it should be dried under the sunlight so that there will not be any stains on shoes.


As there are several methods to remove gum from shoes, you should choose the most convenient and simple method so that the gum can be removed very easily without any issues. If you are dealing with inexpensive pair of shoes, you can exercise the freezer option. Even though you take all possible steps to avoid the gum on the floor, you might want to face the situation where the gum will be glued to the sole of your shoes. By following simple and efficient steps as per the time and available materials, the gum can be removed easily.

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