Review of The ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 18 Running Shoe

Asics shoes are made to match their theme of keeping a body relaxed to allow people enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle. This ASICS Women Gel Nimbus 18 running shoe is a lot more than just a comfortable running shoe that offers a comfortable running sole, rather it is capable of providing beyond these visible features.





ASICS Men's Gel Nimbus 18 Running Shoe
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These shoes have been declared as the best ones for issues in the foot area and muscle and joint pain as well. Its structure, the materials and foot support provided through specialized padding make sure to offer women the comfort and active support they need from their running shoe. As a running shoe, it has all sporty features but still gives a feminine look using distinct and soft colors, to stay stylish as well.

Important Features You Should Know About:

The Design and Stuff

The overall design of the shoe provides maximum support and comfort to all areas of the foot especially to areas where the foot gets most pressure and needs sufficient support for easy and smooth transitioning during the walk. The upper is soft and flexible and the outer sole is durable and keeps the foot stable on the ground. The stuff used in this shoe is basically synthetic mesh and rubber. The overall design is seamless and that makes it even more durable and problem free.

Breathable and Durable Design and Materials

The shoe has been designed and structured in a way that offers greater breathability to avoid sweating and keeps the foot cool and dry. The material also offers high-level durability and keeps the shoe in shape for a long time.

Upper of the shoe

Keeping in mind that women may need walking or running shoe for various foot conditions for better support and comfort, the shoe has a FluidFit upper that features a unique technology offering multi-direction stretchable mesh fabric that allows the foot to get flexible fit and support from all directions without making it feel rigid for the foot. The upper fabric has the capability to adjust itself with the posture of the foot making it more like a glove for the foot instead of a rubber shoe.


The outsole is made of durable and sturdy rubber material that is capable to withstand the ground pressure and keeps the foot stable. The groovy designs keep the shoe grip firm and avoid slipping easily.

Insole Features

The insole of the shoe comprises of many distinct qualities making the shoe unique and extraordinarily comfortable for the user. It features the Fluid Ride midsole for providing enough bounce back and supports through cushioning for reducing pressure on the foot. This kind of mechanism helps in reducing the pressure hence create a lightweight effect that promotes easy walk.

Cushioning and Padding

The shoe comes with cushioned interior using the Gel cushioning system within the rear foot and forefoot areas that promise to comfort the highest pressure zones during the walk. The cushioning absorbs and neutralizes shock and pressure as the foot transition from resting spot to active angle. This smooth transition offers easy and stress-free active walk without pressure and weight on the foot.

Heel Clutch

The heel clutching system of the shoe assures to provide perfect support for the heel so that the foot feel least or no pressure.

Support and Fitting

Sufficiently padded inner and well-designed supports make sure the shoe fits snugly and keeps the foot in place no matter how much and where the user walks.

Better Tranctions and Firm Grip on the Ground

The shoe keeps the foot comfortable and provides a perfect balance that allows the user to walk or run confidently as it has a firm and stable grip on the ground.

Suitable for All

The shoe has a number of features that support normal walk and running activities. In addition to that, it may also be useful in case of there are any physical conditions or illnesses like arthritis.


  • check
    Made up of synthetic material
  • check
    Flexible Mesh upper
  • check
    Breathable and comfortable
  • check
    Durable design
  • check
    Lace-up closer
  • check
    Snug fit and padding inside
  • check
    Gel cushioning
  • check
    Fluid Fit and Fluid Ride system for smooth and easy walk


The shoe is recommended and chosen by most of the women who are looking for a regular comfortable shoe for practicing, running and regular walk.

It is also helpful in providing support and comfort for the sake of treating muscles and bone issues.

The shoe is very flexible and stays adjusted snugly to the foot to keep it safe and sound.

Breathable and comfortable for women

Well designed, well-balanced and well-made to match the needs of women who want to walk more and worry less.

The heel clutching system also offers greater comfort and support by keeping the heel enclosed and safe.


You may have to buy half size bigger as compared to the usual size to make sure it fits well with your feet.

Customer Reviews

Thousands of customers have provided their feedback and considered this shoe as one of the perfect ones for regular walking and running. It has been rated with more than 4.4 stars out five of the total based on the user experience.

There are many other perks of having this shoe as it seems quite comfortable and supportive as well. The shoe has been designed after a great set of findings have been collected and they were then put into action to design a comfortable walking shoe for women.

You can go through the features and decide on it. The shoe enables you to walk briskly and keep up with the changing positions of the foot as the user walks on the road, the foot posture changes a lot. Also, the shoe has been proven as supportive and helpful in comforting the conditions like arthritis and joint pain as it provides customized comfort according to the gait style of the user. This sort of action and bounce back technology reduces pressure and lower the pressure for comfort and ease. This shoe is surely a perfect one for women who have to walk, run and practice regularly and need to keep their foot safe from extra pressure and fatigue.

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