How To Stretch Canvas Shoes Wider – Effective Tips to Stretch your Shoes Wide

Do you hate about your shoe size and haven’t got the perfect fit that you always wanted? Have you just discovered that your shoes are too tight on your feet after wearing for few hours? If your shoes don’t fit too well then you don’t have to opt for a new shoe but instead use these effective tips and know how to stretch canvas shoes wider.

The Good part about canvas shoes is that they are suitable with different outfits and not so good part is that it may time to stretch them over the time as you wear them. If you have started wearing tight canvas shoes then your shoes can rub against your feet and even cause blisters or soreness if they don’t fit you well. In order to prevent damage to your feet, you need to know how to stretch canvas shoes wider and some of the quick ways are described below. 

Heat Your Shoes

Heating shoes is the best option to loosen up your tight shoes. There are various things that can be done to heat the shoe in the areas where it is tight.

  • Use the Microwave Trick on Your Shoes – One of the fastest way to stretch your canvas shoes is by microwaving them in not higher than 30 seconds. The heat coming from the microwave will help make your fabric loose. However, few things you need to consider before putting them in microwave such as ensure there are no metal pieces in the shoes, take the shoes out of the microwave immediately and put them on to walk around on for a minute. After a minute, it will start to cool down so you need to take the shoes off once again and start putting them in microwave again for another 20 seconds and after the 20 seconds, your shoes should be wide enough to wear and you can try them off.
  • Hair Drying Your Shoes – Get a hairdryer out and put on thick socks on your shoes. Hairdryer will put on high heat on the shoe areas where you are feeling tight. As you start putting hair dryer on the tight area of the shoe, keep flexing your feet, bend your toes back and forth to move the shoe. This movement needs to be done as much as possible. However, the method may not read comfortable but this works better than microwave trick. Heat of the hair dryer helps in softening the fabric and gets it stretched. You need to aim to hair dry them for around 20-30 seconds. As a precautionary measure, avoid keeping hair dryer too close to feet so as to avoid burning yourself
  • Use Steam to Soften Shoes for Stretching – Steam helps in relaxing your shoe fiber and makes it in a shape which can easily stretch your shoes into required shape. You can create steam by boiling a kettle of water and hold the shoes in the steam as it comes out for around 5 minutes. Ensure that you don’t burn yourself out while holding shoes. After a while, you can put on the shoes and flex your feet muscles until the fabric gets stretched in the required shape and accommodate your foot.

Wear Shoes Around In the House

Wearing shoes for a long period of time while at work may be uncomfortable but if you are at home then you can decide to wear the same shoe that you want to stretch for short period of time. It helps in loosening your shoe material and stretching the shoe out easily. You can even speed the stretching process by wearing a thick pair of socks or even wear multiple pair of socks before you stuff your feet into the shoe. It may hurt your feet initially but eventually the shoe will take your feet shape and stretch to a point that your actual feet size easily fits in. If it hurts even more then you can decide to take the shoe off and try again after some time

Freeze Your Shoes

Freezing your shoes helps in expanding the shoe. Both cold and hot treatment on your shoes can help in expanding the same way. All you need to do is fill your shoes in a bad filled with water and insert the shoes in the freezer. You need to keep the shoes in the freezer till the time water freezes out. Once it is done, all the freeze shoe to melt and then try on your shoes. After one round of freezing, try the trick once again if the shoe is not as per your required size. You need to ensure that water doesn’t leak from the bag where your shoes are kept.

Shoes such as canvas can get wet and the freezing works by helping it stretch out to the optimum size as you put it back again. Freezing and heating method are considered to be amazing ways to stretch your shoe size from half to whole size. Leather also works the best since once it is stretched, it is less likely to go back to its initial size.

Shoe Stretching Tools

Another popular alternative to stretch your shoes is by using shoe stretching tools. These tools are designed specifically for the purpose of stretching your shoes and can easily adjust the length and width of your shoe. Knobs can be tuned to adjust and stretch them. Although this technique may cost you some bucks because it is better to get this done by a professional. Try choosing a professional expert in shoe stretching tools. A cobbler can help you with this task.

Final Words

Now that you have learnt few techniques to stretch out your shoes, you now have the answer to the question how to stretch canvas shoes wider and now you can easily go to your closet and pull your canvas shoes that need to be stretched. You can even help others in stretching shoes out and never again have to bear any problem of tight shoes.

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