Buying Guide For Men’s Walking Shoes

If the walking is your main form of exercise daily, it is highly necessary to invest in the best pair of walking shoes which are specifically constructed for walking practice. The very good walking shoes must be made with the stress and also the pace of walking in mind.

Generally, the walker’s foot strike differs from the runner’s foot strike. While walking, the foot first hits the ground heel and progressively rolls from the heel to toe. As the result, the walkers need more flexible sole with an excessive bend in the toe than the runners need from the running shoes.

When Shopping For The Men’s Walking Shoes, It Is Extremely Important To Understand.

  • How your selected shoes are constructed
  • Which materials are the best for walking shoes
  • What contributes to the flexibility of shoes
  • How to measure your feet for the suitable fit

Construction of Men’s Walking Shoes:

Walking shoes for men should have a low profile heel with the slight slant on the outer side. This kind of shoe pair stabilizes the foot and ankle while walking practice. At the same time, it also promotes an effective foot strike.

It happens because walking is the lower impact sports activity than running. Thus, male’s walking shoes should need less impact absorption or cushion in the design than running shoes. In addition, the heel of walking shoes supports the natural roll through walking motion. Their heel areas are in fact reinforced in order to increase the level of stability.

1. Flexibility – While walking, the feet bend more than they do when running. The walking shoes for males must have either flex grooves across a forefoot of the outer sole or the sole materials must be too flexible. A flexible sole in walking shoes allows your foot to move naturally. If your foot is stiff in any way when walking, you will get excessive pain in both the shin and the foot. This is why it is highly important to choose the men’s walking shoes with the higher flexibility.

2. Shoe materials – When it comes to the materials of walking shoes, you should have to choose the pair of shoes which are breathable and lightweight, but sturdy enough for significant support while walking. Even though the leather is durable material and provides the best support, leather walking shoes are heavy and don’t breathe enough. The males can instead go for the combination of leather and synthetic mesh materials made walking shoes to obtain both breathability and durability.

Measuring Feet For Your Walking Shoes:

You must always try to measure your feet at the end of a day when those are at the largest due to swelling throughout a day. There are generally two ways to measure your feet by using large square objects or by tracking outlines. In order to measure the feet through tracing, you need two sheets of paper which are bigger than your feet, a measuring tape or a ruler, and a pencil or a pen.

You need to sit on the chair with the foot placed firmly on the ground to take the measurement. Your leg has to bend slightly forward then only the shin is a little in front of the ankle. It is a right method to measure the feet when you wear the type of socks which will be worn with your shoes.

Hold the pen or pencil upright and perpendicular to a paper, you have to trace an outline of the foot. Once you have drawn the outline, use a measurement tape or a ruler to draw straight lines around your foot’s outline. It is highly necessary to subtract 0.19 inches from every number to eliminate the distance between your foot and the pencil. This measurement is very helpful to find the best kind of walking shoes which fit your feet exactly.

In the second method, measuring your feet is a very simple process. Set your foot firmly on the floor. You have to place 4 square objects at every outer point of the foot. Once the square has been made around the foot, you can simply take out the foot and measure a distance between those objects for length and breadth. In this case, you don’t need to subtract 0.19 inches. With this measurement, you have to buy exactly fit men’s walking shoes for improving your walking experience.​

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