Review of The Asics Women’s GEL Noosa Tri 10 Running Shoes

ASICS know that men and women have their own specific needs when they are walking running or taking part in sporty events. This particular shoe has been designed to match the needs of women who are overpronators and need proper support, comfort and easy foot transitioning to keep the fatigue factor and the twisting of the foot under control.





Asics Womens GEL Noosa Tri 10 Running Shoes
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There are many different kinds of shoes that offer lots of various features to help support the foot but this one has an array of specified features and components that assure support and comfort for each area of the foot in a way that is required during the foot transitioning. ASICS women's GEL Noosa Tri 10 running shoe is designed to match the needs of delicate feet women have so that they could run faster and longer without facing any kind of issues.


Since the shoe has been made for women, its features colorful upper to offer a feminine look and colors that glow in the dark make sure to offer visibility on the dark tracks and make sure to offer comfort with style as well. Overall the shoe appears to be the perfect one for the athletes and sportswomen.

The Upper Design

The upper of this shoe has been designed carefully with seamless construction and supportive design. The upper is made by using the breathable, flexible and supportive mesh fabric in the front area. In this way, the forefoot stays comfortable and dry even if there is a need to cope with hours of practice. The overall upper features synthetic overlays and strips for better form and support as well as the breathable fabric ensure air flow towards the inner of the shoe.

Performance Features

The shoe comes with Trusstic design and components for better performance and quick toe-off for easier and lightweight foot transitioning. This enables the user to run quickly and with lesser pressure on the forefoot area. This allows the foot to relax and take next step without feeling extra pressure so that the muscles would function quickly and with least strain on them.

The Inner Sole

The inner sole features SoLyte midsole and rear and forefoot cushioning with gel foam. This kind of support and cradling of the foot components assure to keep the feet comfortable and relaxed even if the user has to run fast for a long time.

The Outer Sole

The outsole of the shoe is made up of high-quality rubber that assures protection against external objects. The outsole is supported by the DuoMax technology that assures support for the foot by stabilizing and supporting the foot firmly on the ground. This helps in keeping a good control over the foot movement.

The Slip-free Grip On The Ground

The outsole offers a slip-free grip on the ground with Wet Grip sole so that the overpronators would be able to run confidently no matter from where they have to pass through.

Lacing Up Makes it Fit Snuggly

The shoe offers lace-up closure for better and customized fit so that the shoe fits according to the shape and width of it.

The Shaft And The Arch

The shaft of the shoe measure around 2.5 inches from the arch that keeps the foot in its best form and posture for lowered fatigue and better performance.

Durability And Comfort

With the help of gel cushioning in high-pressure areas and the lightweight sole, the shoe offers extreme comfort and ease for the user. In addition to that, the high-quality materials ensure long-lasting and durable finish for the users to enjoy the features for a long period of time.

Grip And Stride Efficiency

The shoe comes with a higher level of grip on the ground with the help of specialized outer sole design so that you may walk or run on wet and dry tracks without getting slipped. In addition to that, the guidance line technology offers stride efficiency and comfortable walk throughout the track.


On the basis of the most visible features, you should be expecting to get the following benefits as the user of the ASICS Women Gel Noosa Tri 10 shoe for running.

  • The shoe is comfortable and easy to use with seamless upper
  • The upper features breathable mesh fabric in the forefoot region assuring air-flow
  • The absorptive sock liner helps in absorbing excessive moisture for a dry feel inside
  • The arch support keeps the foot in its best posture
  • Slip-free outer sole
  • Gel, cushioning in front-rear areas for comfort and support
  • Easy foot transitioning
  • Fatigue-free running experience
  • Durable
  • Well-designed
  • High-quality materials


  • The shoe does not offer different width options that may cause problems for some people

Customer Responses

Many customers who have purchased and used these shoe have shared what they have experienced while wearing them on the go. They rate the shoe as one of the comfortable, stylish and perfect running shoe for women. It has been rated as 4.3-star shoe on average by most of the customers who have used it. Most of these users consider the shoe as a comfortable and reliable shoe for athletes and runners and especially for overpronators who need to look on the special features of the shoe as well.

This ASICS Women's Gel Noosa Tri 10 shoe comes with a wide range of features offering comfort, support, and help in keeping the foot stable during the quick transitioning phases as you move on the ground. It offers comfort with style and makes sure to provide the best performance for athletes and regular runners. You just have to make sure to choose the right size of the shoe to get all the benefits of having this shoe. The shoe also assures to offer slip resistant outer sole and keeps the inner safe as well. Among the many useful features, the breathability and quick drying inner also helps in comfort and ease for the user so that they could run without slipping or twisting problems and run confidently towards the target.

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