Review of The Vibram Women’s KSO Evo Cross Training Shoe

Vibram KSO Evo cross training shoe is one of the unique most pair of shoes that are built to mimic the feel of walking barefooted on the ground. Though it is a bit different because when you have the shoe on your foot, you’ll be able to walk more stable, more confident and will have your feet snuggled in a comforting manner.





Vibram Women's KSO Evo Cross Training Shoe
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The shoe has been designed to provide an easy cover while you want to get a closer grip on the ground to avoid slipping off. In addition to that customized yet easy fitted shoe assure you to keep you sweat free and comfortable all the time, you wear it.

Important Features

For many reasons you must understand the shoe before you decide on using it as your training shoe. Here are some of the important features you must know:

The Materials:

Talking about the materials we should they have blended the perfect combination of polyester fabric and rubber sole that connect together to give a unified whole shoe with balanced construction. The materials are seasoned to provide comfort, support and long-lasting performance for your aggressive training time.

The Constructions and Design:

The shoe is uniquely designed because it is not just an ordinary shoe rather it has a shape of the human foot cradling the separate fingers and keeps the foot stay in its natural posture. The design has been used to provide as much grip and stability on the ground as a trainer would need during the quick moves with maximum pressure on the foot.

Breathability and Comfort

Since it’s a training shoe it consists of an upper with tiny holes like a mesh fabric giving it a breathable inner that keeps the foot dry and comfortable no matter if you have to practice for hours. The inner lining is soft but not much padded to keep the foot intact with the sole on the ground. Still, it is comfortable enough to keep your foot away from getting struck hard due to the rubber sole.

The Posture

The shoe is kept around 2.1” from the arch that is low enough to allow the foot stay in its natural form so that your foot don’t feel extra pressure and stress on its muscles. 

Ease of Use

The shoe is very easy to use and you don’t have to struggle with the lacing system and the fitting issues. You just have to put in your foot and the speed lacing setup assures you will be ready to walk on within seconds. The lacings system included the stretching lace with the quick-pulling knob to assure you just pull it and get ready for your game.

Padding and Support

The shoe has light padding to keep your foot comfortable though it does not offer lots of padding the tongue offers enough snug fit to keep the foot fitted comfortably inside the shoe.


The outsole is made up of flexible rubber and has the serrated blade design for increased stability and grip on the ground. It provides high-end trek power so that you never lose control over your quick moves. The zero drop assures your foot stay easy and relaxed all the way.

Maintenance and Cleaning

The maintenance and cleaning of the shoe are just like a fabric shoe and you can wash it and air dry to keep it hygienically clean.

Utility and Usage

It can be used as a training shoe or you may also use it as a water shoe as well because the sole offers skip-free grip on the ground and rocks with the help of natural foot shape construction.


  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • check
    Easy to wear in seconds
  • check
    Available in 6 different colors
  • check
    Good grip on the ground


• Since it offers a close connection with the ground with its unique design, you can use it as a training shoe or a water shoe without having any trouble.

• The breathable fabric upper and flexible rubber sole makes it a flexible and easy to wear a shoe that keep the foot comfortable.

• Quick lacing system helps you get ready within moments so you don’t have to tie up laces and keep struggling with the closure and fitting.

• It fits in the foot in a comforting way so you have a good grip on the ground whether it is rocky or slippery.

• It’s a lightweight shoe so your feet will not be facing weight and pressure symptoms reducing the chances of getting fatigued while wearing them.

• They are very easy to clean as you can machine wash them and then put them in the air to dry out and they are ready to be used again.

• The lug design improves the grip and stability on the ground.


• The shoe does not offer enough space and maybe a bit tight for some bulky feet.

• The materials show considerable quick wear and tear as compared to the expectation.

Customer Reviews

Customer who has used the shoe so far have given it an average rating of around 3.9-4 stars out of 5 which proves it is a good shoe to rely on for your training routine. It is also stated as a good water shoe to keep you away from troubles while walking.
Most users have stated the shoe as a good one that has little or no weight impact on the foot and keeps the foot safe from slipping on any kind of ground conditions.

Though they have complained about the quick wear and tear caused due to frequent usage.

Overall the shoe is well-designed because it offers the foot the shape and support it needs to stay in-touch with the ground while keeping it safe as well. This helps the foot keep a good grip on any kind of surface where you are walking, running or practicing. The easy usage and well-fitted construction assure that you will not disappoint you when you need to keep your foot relaxed and easy and still carry on your routine practice every day.

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