Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4 Pursuit Walking Shoe Review

Women need style, convenience, and comfort in their casual as well as a formal outfit but it is not there in most of the in style shoes. Skechers has solved the problem and has found the solution in the form of this Skechers Performance Women’s Pursuit walking shoe that exhibits high-quality materials and a perfect seamless design to match the style needs of trendy women outfit. 





Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4 Pursuit Walking Shoe
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For the ladies who are looking for a hip and comfortable best walking shoe for women, this one goes all the way along the desired features one may need to enjoy.

Important Features:

The stylish out look

The first and the most sensitive issue of having stylish looks in casual wear. That is the most valuable feature women look for in walking shoes. Due to the unmatched quality fabric used on the upper of this shoe, availability in varying colors and seamless finish on the outside, this shoe ensures perfect stylish outlook for the style conscious ladies without compromising the comfort and usability.

Durable Materials

All the materials including the outsole rubber, the insole mat and the upper fabric in mesh design are of highest quality and would give you the feel of a luxurious comfort shoe that you need for the ultimate walking experience on any surface. The shoe is durable and is made to match the international quality standards offering durable and long lasting shoe for women.


Due to the perfectly designed sole and the upper mesh fabric cover the shoe stays fresh and sweat free as you wear and walk in them. You may not feel moisture and itching no matter how much you need to walk while wearing them.

Extremely Comfortable Finish

The upper fabric cover and in the inner soft foot bed keeps the foot comfortable and easy with no extra pressure on the natural posture of the foot. The shape and the unique materials used in the making of the shoe keeps the foot relaxed without extra force exerted from any direction.

The Outer Cover

The outer cover is made of fabric, it is not a rigid surface and stays flexible to keep the foot easy. In addition to that, it can be cleaned easily and may not get worn out quickly.

The in Sole

The insole is lined with high-quality Goga mat that makes use of soft yet supportive materials to provide support, comfort and well-balanced foot rest during the walk. Your foot gets enough comfort to relax while still gets sufficient support to keep up with the changing posture of the foot muscles during the walk. This ensures lesser fatigue and greater efficiency.

The Midsole

The 5 GEN based midsole cushioning allows highly responsive foot move for quick foot transitioning and easy cradling while keeping the foot in shape without extra pressure at any point.

The Outsole

The outsole is made up of high-quality rubber that gives grip on a wide range of surfaces and keeps the foot stable and high enough from the ground to allow a comfortable walk.

Smell Resistant Foot Bed

The shoe that is used for walk time needs to stay fresh and sweat free as they are meant to be on your feet for a long time in use. This one comes with a bamboo lined odor control foot bed that is resistant to the development of smell causing bacteria.

Heel and Toe Accommodation

The heel and tow box are well-designed to make sure the tow box allows sufficient space for the tow when it expands and the heel gets cradled comfortably when the foot has high pressure force on it. The midsole cushioning and heel and toe design keeps the foot easy and ready to keep walking without getting tired quickly.

Lightweight and Easy to Use

The shoe is lightweight and very easy to use as it offers slip on wear to make it easier and better for women.


  • Easy to wear
  • Upper made of mesh fabric
  • Outsole made of high-quality rubber
  • Insole features Goga responsive foot bed
  • Bamboo foot bed lining and 5 GEN midsole cushioning
  • Available in 8 different colors
  • Seamless, stylish finish
  • Durable and high-quality materials


• Very easy to use and wear

• Stays cool and sweat free

• Gives a comfortable foot bed for walking easily

• Support foot’s natural posture for lesser fatigue and pressure

• Lightweight

• Uses Goga and 5 GEN insole and midsole features for comfort and support


• May be a bit bigger shoe for slim feet

• Arch support is not high enough

These issues can be solved if you can check and select the best size options from the available ones so that you may not have to face any problems.

Customer Reviews

Thousands of customers have shared their love regarding this shoe and its performance and have shown their trust as it’s a good shoe for women who need style and comfort at the same time.

Overall this Skechers performance women’s walking shoe can be listed as the best walking shoe for women based on its features and performance. Due to its enormous benefits like having a comfortable Goga foot lining and supportive 5GEN midsole the shoes make walking a breeze and a pleasure to walk for a long distance.

Though some say it feels squeaky when you walk on plain or laminated floors, you still cannot ignore the comfort and energy you may feel when wearing it on the go. In addition to that, the stylish finish and the available colors allow the women to choose the best that suits their daily outfit for an enhanced yet comfortable look.

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