Skechers Men’s Afterburn Energy Lace-Up Sneaker

Sneakers are good for going on a walk, running on a range of grounds and floors and keep you active all the time during your athletic practice times and when you are going to enjoy your walk. This Skechers Men’s Afterburn Energy Lace-Up Sneaker is surely a combination of features that make it perfect for the wearer.





Skechers Men's Energy Afterburn Lace-Up Sneaker
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The design, construction, materials and all the support feature make the shoe perfect for keeping the foot relaxed and ready to perform on the go. It is specially designed to match the needs of regular athletes and runners without giving them a tough time.

Important Features

Some of the features that make the shoe different from other shoes and give it an upper place among the similar kind of shoes are discussed below so that you know what you are going get with these sneakers:

The Design and Construction

The overall design of the shoe gives it a sporty look. The sneaker seems well designed with lace-up vamp with loops for laces and a perfect upper. The sneaker is equipped with all the comfort features so that to support a comfortable walk or practice time. The overall construction assures to give a good grip on the ground and a soft bed for the foot to stay active yet relaxed during the use.

The Materials

The shoe is made to match the international standards and assures imported design and materials so that you get a quality sneaker that lasts longer and perform well by supporting your foot and energizing each and every step reliably. The materials used in the shoe include synthetic leather and rubber and the padding inside the shoe and on the insole for better comfort and support.

The Upper

The upper of the shoe is made up of synthetic leather materials that are sturdy and flexible to accommodate the foot. The upper is resistant to quick wear and tear hence is capable of keeping its shape for a longer time. The stitches are strong enough to withstand the pressure and would not tear off easily.

Closure and Fit

The shoe comes with a lace up closure that assures close and snug fit to keep the foot comfy and safe inside the shoe. The Ghillie lace-up closure allows a customized fit around the foot so that it is kept fitted without building up pressure on the upper of the foot.

Padding and Support

The tongue and the collar of the shoe are sufficiently padded so that it supports the ankle area while keeping the foot comfortably fitted in the shoe. The sneaker also has lateral soft and thinly layered padded walls for keeping the foot supported from all sides.

The Insole

The insole of the shoe also offers supportive sole for better placing the foot in its natural form and posture to keep the pressure to its least. The soft padded sole makes it easier to accommodate the foot during the gait cycle and releases pressure from the toe area while energizing the foot for a lighter walk. The heel area is also padded to absorb pressure and makes the impact least for lesser fatigue.

The Outer Sole

The outer sole is made up of quality made synthetic rubber which is rugged, well-designed, and offers unique grooving for better tracking and grip on the ground. The sole is flexible and durable that offers long-lasting performance on a wide range of ground surfaces.

Comfort Level

The shoe is soft and padded with flexible upper and the outsole allowing easier gait and make sure to lower the pressure on the foot. With reasonable padding and support within the impact zones, the shoe promises to offer comfort and support for keeping the foot fatigue-free and energized to perform at the best for hours to come.

Tracking on The Ground

The durable, grooved outsole extends to the front area towards the toe giving more protection and better tracking on the smooth surface ground.


The upper of the shoe is scuff-free hence it offers easy to clean surface that would not fade and keep the surface clean all the time.


  • Synthetic materials
  • Easy to wear on
  • Durable rubber sole
  • check
    Lace-up closure
  • check
    Available in 6 different designs
  • check
    Comfortable and supportive
  • check
    Low impact energy booster sneaker
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• The shoe is well-made to provide comfort, support, and energy at the same time.

• The shoe is well fitted and keeps the foot snug fit inside without over-pressuring inside the shoe.

• Soft padding keep the foot comfortable

• It tracks well on a range of grounds whether it’s a concrete, smooth court or other soft ground surfaces.

• The sneaker is durable and promises to keep you stable on your feet no matter where you walk.

• They are lightweight and keep the wearer easy while wearing them.

• They can be cleaned easily without leaving dirt or scuff on them with just a damp cloth or a mild shoe spray.


• No sufficient arch support for flat feet

Customer Responses:

The sneakers have been rated 4.5 on a scale of 5 stars rating with more than 4K customer reviews online. This assures that the sneaker is quite popular among the many in this line. It offers support and comfort for the wearer and fits true to the size. It is better you should consider choosing the right shoe size with the width indicated along with their sizes. With the correct sizing, the shoe can serve up to your mark and would be a good option for your walk time, practice hours or running.

As a whole, the shoe has been made up of lightweight and easy to maintain materials which are a basic plus point of this shoe. The padding, support and comfort levels are high above the average comfort level provided by other shoes. In addition to the comfort and support the easy maintenance is also a great a feature and you don’t have to struggle for removing scuff from your shoe and it would stay clean for a longer period of time. So, if you are looking for a reliable sneaker for your running, walking and sporting needs, you can rely on it.

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