How To Correctly Choose A Pair of Running Shoes – Best Ways To Choose The Correct Pair of Running Shoes

Not many people understand the importance of a good shoe and how it can impact your health, provide you good with strength and agility while running. Understanding how to correctly choose a pair of running shoes can easily give you smooth injury free running throughout your life. There are few important things that can help you understand how to find the right pair of shoes.

Finding the best fitting shoe is always a hard choice to make since you have so many options from different brands. To ensure you walk and jog properly, the shoe must fit properly from heel to toe and make you feel comfortable while running. You usually have around a few minutes to choose the right pair of shoes and therefore few tips and tricks can help you choose the right pair of shoes and also help you understand what to expect while you go out to buy pair of running shoes.

Understand The Shoe Anatomy

Few things are important to understanding and when you know each and every element of running shoe then it can make your experience much better.

Upper Shoe Portion

Outside portion of the shoe is usually made of fabrics and mesh sewn and glued with each other and some of the printing designs are also provided. When you are looking at the upper part of the shoe then it should be shaped like your feet and there shouldn’t be any binding or chafing anywhere.

Ankle Collar

The wrap is the top of shoe opening that holds the heel down in the place and few shoes make use of thick padding while the others are based more on the shape design. You need to pay special attention to how the padding is fitting with your bones on side of ankles and providing you better padding or not.

Heel Counter

There is a semi-rigid cup layered inside the rear foot which is used to support the heel. Few shoes have an external heel wrap which is used to provide the similar functionality while the other shoes have heel counter that allows them complete freedom movement. Various researches have been conducted that show heel counters are used to provide stable support and landings. If you are using a heel that allows a comfortable ankle motion.


This is yet another reinforced area which can be put between ball and ankle and also used to hold the shoe properly. There are various ways this can be handled such as lacing systems, overlays, eyelets etc. to mold the saddle closely in proper shape. You need to pay special attention as in how it can be used to hold your foot providing a secured feeling without any slipping.

Toe Box

This is often capped with the reinforced toe bumper that can be used to hold the fabric off your toes and also used to protect your stubbing. This must be kept in the natural shape without binding or rubbing your toes.


This is where the various rubber foam can be placed in strategic areas to increase flexibility or enhance bounce ability. You need to provide a material which is durable and able to provide good shape to your feet.

Flex Grooves

It can be used to bend foot bends and use grooves at the ball of the foot. Small differences are there that can be used to alter the feel and mechanics. You need to flex the way you want.


This midsole is used to provide the required thickness and also considered to be the same while running at fast speeds. The foam material is designed to guide the foot through the stride.

Heel Cushion

Midsole material is designed specifically to reduce the impact on your heel. It comes in various cushioning materials and research proves that more the cushioned surface is, the better it would be for your shoes. If you are looking for shoes that roll into the stride a way that makes you feel right.

Few Common Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Shoes

Special running shoes are made specifically for providing the best health and comfort to you. However, while buying a particular kind of shoe, you need to avoid buying those shoes which are of low quality and instead consider the above mentioned points along with avoiding mistakes while buying them.

Never Go Just for Looks

Many people don’t pay attention to the shoe quality but instead, choose a shoe which is more fashionable. The shoe that you are going to choose must be comfortable and provide you the required cushion while running.

Deals and Discounts

Many time runners don’t ask for any deal or discount but if you are having a membership then you must ask for a discount. Also, you can get a good festival discount if you buy during New Year’s or Christmas.

Never Buy Small Shoes

Small or tight-fitting shoes can lead to black toenails or blisters. Most women runners wear close fitting shoes as they are conscious about their feet size but instead one should consider buying a bit roomier shoes which are able to hold your feet properly.

Shopping At The Wrong Time

Many people land into this situation that they wore a shoe at 5 pm and they end up being too small. This is because as the day goes by till 4 pm, your feet start swelling in the morning and don’t stop until 5 pm. That is as big as it is going to so always consider buying shoes in the evening.

Never Assume Your Size

Most of the people assume that their size is fixed and refrain from trying other sizes available. This is one of the few mistakes that most people do and it is important to measure your feet while buying shoes or even better if you can try the shoes on.


Before going out to buy a pair of shoe, it is important to know how to correctly choose a pair of running shoes. Above are some of the important considerations that can help you make a good choice and you will be able to buy a reliable pair of shoe.

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